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Rework Mailbag 1 - Part 1

Like what we've got to say about business? You'll love Basecamp >

This is the first of two episodes where Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson answer questions from our listeners. In this episode, they talk about the role of luck and timing in starting Basecamp; ass pricing (yes, you read that correctly); hiring in the early stages of a business; and more. If you’d like your questions answered on a future mailbag episode, leave us a message at 708-628-7850.

  • The role of luck and good timing in Basecamp's success - 00:51
  • Doing something just because it's fun or interesting - 6:42
  • Why the customer support team pulled back on measuring response times - 8:45
  • How Basecamp sets prices - 12:14
  • Charging non-profits - 21:47
  • Going from one employee to more than one - 24:53
  • Managing hours and overlap in a global company - 26:49
  • Bonus! Who is Meghan Markle? - 32:38